BIOELAB Shines at MEDLAB 2019 Medical Exhibition in Dubai

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Dubai, a vibrant and thriving business centre with comforts in 21st century and rich Arab culture of the Emirates. In this fascinating city, the old marketplace is lined with modern shopping malls, sand dunes and championship-sized golf courses, refurbished shops and star-rated hotels. Dubai's logistics and operating costs are low, infrastructure is excellent, it is a city with an international perspective, government policies are loose as well. These factors continue to attract more and more investors. As a business hub in the Middle East, Dubai has hundreds of thousands of regional and international trades every day, including health care trade. For medical professionals, MEDLAB is held every year in Dubai, the 43-year-old leading and largest medical exhibition in the Middle East, it is the center of knowledge, communication and industry insights.

From Feb. 4-7, 2019, Medlab exhibition was held in high-end and luxurious Dubai. As a world-renowned medical exhibition, hundreds of enterprises from many countries around the world are gathering here.

As a professional manufacturer of the IVD industry, BIOELAB brings a number of self-developed fully auto chemistry analyzers and semi-auto chemistry analyzers, covering a wide range of models, including 150 tests/hour, 200 tests/hour, 300 tests/hour, and 800 tests/hour speed models. The efficiency and benefit of biochemical test can be greatly improved by high speed, high accuracy, low reagent consumption and high performance of BIOELAB chemistry analyzer.

Even in winter, Dubai is still warm, the atmosphere of the exhibition center is warm, the exhibition stand of BIOELAB crowd surging.

New products show

In this exhibition, the 800 tests/hour fully-auto chemical analyzer was presented with a surprise appearance. The cluster-type optical path realizes the detection of the ultra-micro-reaction liquid; the digital liquid level detection and the stable performance; the super-high-capacity reagent tray is used for saving reagent, so that the detection items be increased, matched with the beautiful appearance , the novel design is perfectly displayed.

The exhibition time is short, however, the products and services of BIOELAB have been kept in the hearts of the people! In the future, BIOELAB will keep on working to bring the best products and services to every customer.

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